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My name is James Everett, but you can call me Jimmy. I am an ISSA-certified personal trainer, fitness model, sponsored fitness athlete, previous college football and basketball player and have been working with individual private clients online and in person for over 8 years. I am extremely knowdgeable in the fitness industry and will provide you with unique supplementation, intense work-out plans, maximized exercises, as well as healthy meal planning in your own personal training regime.

Whatever your goals may be, I can help you strive to achieve them. If you're looking to bulk up in mass, I can help. If you are looking to lose some excess fat and build lean muscle, we can do it. Looking to step on stage? I've got you covered. Together we can transform your body into exactly what you want. You will be nothing short of satisfied once you start seeing your results. Plus, your family, friends, co-workers, spouse will all start to notice how much of an improvement you've made. With my knowledge and your motivation and dedication, anything is possible. 

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"It's hard to beat a person who NEVER gives up" -Babe Ruth